Wednesday, June 29, 2005

BN-9's Video on Demand

There's a nifty "on demand" service that Bay News 9 fans might find worth investigating. I was visiting and saw a graphical promo for an interview with my old college buddy Dean R. Koontz, the horror writer. "Drat, I've missed it," I thought … Not to worry. All I had to do was switch my BrightHouse over to Channel 340, and after a few clicks of my trusty remote, there I was watching the Shippensburg State alum chatting with Bay News 9 on-air personality, Jen Holloway, about his new novel “Life Expectancy.” This virtually instant digital access is part of BN-9's “Tampa Bay on Demand,” and is definitely a handy little “time-shifting” option to have available.


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