Friday, October 14, 2005

Media Shift: Survival of the Fittest

PR WEEK has an article headlined “10 media trends to watch” that is a must-read for every media type and hype in the Bay area – as well as anyone and everyone with even a passing interest in such things, but especially bloggers.

The sea change taking place in BIG media this past year – witness the passing of the dinosaur/anchorman: Brokaw, Rather, Jennings – is a benchmark in time to which historians will point, though the full impact (like the aftermath of a meteor hit) is yet to be determined.

Suffice to say, what emerges will be different – probably faster, better, cheaper. It has to be. One possibility is a synergy between the “real” media and the emerging media – that is: blogging, the as yet embryonic promise of the so-called “Citizen Journalist."
(See TBM’s " 'It's Your Times' . . . Use It, NOW!!!", Oct. 13)

Jon Friedman, Media Web columnist for Market Watch, put it this way:

“The internet is playing a very large and influential role in forming public tastes. The public likes what it gets on the internet: the convenience, the speed, hopefully the reliability of the news and commentary. And now you have blogs entering the picture in a forceful way, changing everything. Now anyone can be a publisher or journalist. As a result, these pretty stodgy magazines and newspapers that have relied for a century on the same formula have to hit themselves in the backside and get it together and adapt.”

And adapt, they must, for only the fittest will survive. Those who slumber will end up food, fodder – or both.

But, that’s just TBM’s opinion. That and a quarter will get you on the Suncoast Parkway – but not necessarily off. Read the article; decide for yourself . . .
LINK: 10 media trends to watch


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