Tuesday, August 30, 2005

A Devil of a Time With Those Winning Rays

Now that the Devil Rays are winning, reporters are turning out some decent stories. Fair weather friends, I guess. When the D-Rays were losing, Bay area media types flailed them unmercifully. Understandably, that’s what SOME of them (notably sports columnists) get paid to do. But reporters, well, aren’t they supposed to “report”? If TBM had a dollar every time someone wrote or said, “The Devil Rays found yet another way to lose,” the editorial "we" could afford the good seats. If the Rays have a bad game, tell us what they did (or did not do) specifically, instead of non-specific, inane, play-with-your-food, ramblings. Some of us did NOT get to see the game, and would like to know what actually happened -- BEFORE the eighth or ninth paragraph. (Where's that famous "inverted pyramid" they used to teach reporters?)

PS-1: Let’s hope the Bucs do well this year, or we’ll be seeing a lot of hacked-up, re-cycled “Chucky” comments that weren’t funny the second, third and fourth time we heard them.

PS-2: The season has yet to begin, and it appears that all the good Cadillac clichés are taken.


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